L&W Interior Door Unit Hardware Options (Finishes)

Standard Residential Door Hinge Drive-In Ball Catch Flush Bolt

L&W's standard finish is the 3LB. All stock finishes are indicated below by a *.
Check with a salesman for lead times of other finishes.

Residential Finishes

* US3 - Bright Brass
   US4 - Satin Brass
   ABA/US5 - Antique Brass
   US10 - Satin Bronze
   US10A - Antique Bronze
* US10B - Antique Bronze Oiled
   2D - Zinc Dichromate
* US15 - Satin Nickel
* US26 - Bright Chrome
* US26D - Satin Chrome
   US32 - Bright Stainless
   US32D - Satin Stainless
   USP - Prime Coat (Beige)
* 3LB - Light Brass
   AN/US15A - Antique Nickel

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