L&W Frames

All L&W Exterior Door Unites carry a 10 Year Warranty on their wood frames against rot and decay as long as the product has been installed, finished, and maintained according to the Care and Finishing instructions. This warranty is from the frame's manufacturer, Endura Products. Please take time to read their terms and conditions and pass this along to your home buyer for their records. Their warranty is attached to the jamb's side on every unit we sell.
Continuous Headers
One Piece Mulls
Inactive Sidelite Seats
Continuous Sills

All traditionally made door units are prone to problems such as racking and poor weather-sealing performance, which can lead to leaks and rot. We have completely re-engineered the way door units are made. Our Mull Systems eliminate these problems, and make door units easier and simpler to build. Our components are designed to work together from the ground up.

We have done all the hard work for you. We precisely machine all of our parts to fit your specifications and ensure that they all fit together simply and easily.



Z-Series Bumper Outswing
Door Bottom        
Corner Pads        
ADA Sill

Ultimate Astragal